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      Engine Replacement

Sometimes you're working on a project, you open up the top end only to find, your pistons are stuck, rods are broken, and something fell into the engine that you can't seem to find to pull out.  So what does one do? Well, you can buy piece by piece, IF they still make the part you need.  Then there's another option that may well be an easier, cheaper, and quicker route. I can't tell you how many people crash a bike causing frame damage, or have a vintage bike they are ready to part with. Well, the shops below are salvage shops that will sell replacement engines complete.

MIDS Cycle Salvage:  These guys are pretty cool.  They have a quick turnaround time, you can e-mail them your request and they get back to you with a price right quick, and offer a price reduction if you ship back your old engine.


                                443 E. Liberty Street

                                Sumter, S.C. 29153

                                (803) 773 - 3535



Veteran's Motorcycle Salvage:  All I know is they are pretty damn far out on Long Island (around exit 51 on the LIE).


                                802 Middle Country Road

                                Selden, NY 11784

                                (631) 732 - 7532