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Chop It, Rake It, Stretch It  

You can't always find that frame to fit the engine and tranny you picked up real cheap. What I prefer to do is find myself a stocker, pull everything apart, rip it all out, ship the frame out and have the downtubes stretched, the front end raked, and turn it into a single downtube. The places below are from a time lost honored art, the art of the chop.


saxchop.gif (13287 bytes)


Saxon Motorcycles.: These guys are damn fine frame choppers. They've got some of the best prices around (at least compared to the US). They also specialize drag bikes, and cafe racers take a look at their site for some sweet Jap chops.

9508 Horton Rd S.W.

Calgary, Alberta


(403) 640-0107



Mike's Choppers:  Here's a man with style, knows what a chopper is all about.  Check out this pictures, then do yourself a favor and check out his website.   He's got bikes well worth the money.  Wish I had as much talent as this man:


mscoot3.jpg (35495 bytes)



That pic above is one he's got for sale.  His site is at